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We've provided superior audiovisual solutions for the motion picture industry since 1978,
and we're excited to share that expertise with you as you plan your outdoor venue.

Featured Work

Remarkable Theater hired us to realize their vision of a drive-in theater for the community of Westport, CT. We provided them with a 50' screen, 4K digital cinema projection, and audio over FM radio.

The Drive-In Experience

Amidst a global pandemic, drive-in venues offer more than just nostalgia.

We are in the age of social distancing. 40,000 screens have been shuttered nationwide and exhibitors are searching for any means to generate revenue. Overwhelmingly, drive-in venues are being hailed as the answer.

But exhibitors aren't the only group that stand to benefit from these outdoor events. The drive-in format is also perfect for:

  • Studios, film festivals, and other release groups looking to promote their content.
  • Churches and religious organizations looking to continue holding services and collect tithes and offerings.
  • Live music and theater groups seeking to perform.
  • Political groups looking to hold rallies in an election season.
  • Restaurants with large, empty parking lots, looking to capitalize on the closure of movie theaters.
Drive-in venues are in demand. Groups that have opened drive-in venues are seeing sold out shows even when faced with bad weather or when showing old films.
Drive-in venues are favored. When reviewing outside entertainment options, consumers are choosing drive-in venues largely due to the safety the concept offers them and their families.
Drive-in venues are lucrative. Operators stand to generate revenue from the sale of tickets, concessions, merchandise, advertising, and more!
Drive-in venues remain open. Local and state governments continue to express that they have no objections to drive-in venues being open.
Drive-in venues are future proof. Consumers will be more vigilant after the COVID-19 pandemic passes. The traditional exhibition model of packing patrons in a room elbow-to-elbow risks being disrupted.

Our Offerings

We're the one-stop shop for all your outdoor event needs.

  • Complete set up, operation, and removal. Need it done quickly? Same-day set up is available.
  • 4K DCI-compliant projection. Smaller venue? We stock consumer equipment as well.
  • Audio over FM radio. Outdoor speaker set-ups available.
  • Screen sizes range from 10' to 100'. Freestanding, inflatable, and hybrid screens available. Surface painting available.
  • Film licensing assistance. Our longstanding relationships with all major film studios means we can assist you with licensing both old and current releases.

  • Fully mobile solutions available. Will your venue only exist for a short while? Our projection/sound and screen systems can be fully mobile. Generators available for remote sites and sites with no electricity.

  • Only looking for equipment? We have equipment and complete packages available for rent and for sale.
Sun setting behind steel truss screen. Nighttime shot of brilliant light emitted from a projector. Drive-in theater patrons watching a film.

Featured Clients

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